Cistus Incanus

Common name: HoaryRock rose

Scientific classification

Family: Cistaceae

Genus: Cistus

Species: Incanus

Subspec .: Creticus

Production area: 2,3ha


The word “Cistus” comes from the Greek “Kistis” which means “bladder”, referring to the particular bulging shape of the capsule that contains the seeds.

Hoary rock-rose are small bushy shrubs, evergreen, very branched that can reach 1 mt in height. In the Italian flora there are hardly less than a dozen species that can be distinguished by the color of the flowers: a white corolla (leucocisti) or a red-violet corolla (erythrocyte) as in the case of our production.

Cistus Incanus is the most common species among red cysts. It has opposite leaves of oval shape, wrinkled and ruffled at the edges, covered with a silver-white hair (hence the name “incanus”). The flowers are solitary or in groups of 2-3, rose-colored: the petals seem made of paper mache or, if you want, a slight crumpled silk. The flower lasts about 24 hours but the plant has a constant flowering throughout the spring.

Distribution and habitat

Typical plant of the Mediterranean environment, characteristic of the bush. The Cistus has the ability to regrow even after forest fires. The cistus scrub, hosts examples of symbiosis with various species of mushrooms: milk lactams, amanites and bolete.


A very popular plant since the time of the pyramids and pharaohs, thanks to its resin considered balsamic and a panacea. In Ancient Greece, the resin extracted from the cistus, the laudanum, was used to treat infections, coughs, colds and many other ailments.

Today the resin is used as a fixative in the preparation of perfumes. Cistus is also used as an anti-inflammatory infusion because it contains a high percentage of polyphenols and also has an antimicrobial action on skin infections.

Myths and Legends

Our production

Our production is based on just over two hectares, in an unspoiled area of the Hyblaean Mountains. The methods of collection and initial processing are agreed with our partners according to the specific needs of the finished product.

The drying takes place in an environment with controlled humidity and temperatures. All our products are certified organic and we comply with the HACCP self-control regime.


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